About the FREEDOM Course

The Sober in Seven FREEDOM Programme is a self - help course designed to help you change your relationship with alcohol and move on with your life.

If you have seen anything of my story, you will know that I felt like I had tried everything. I felt broken and unfixable, as it would seem the problem was solely with me. 

Months of expensive counselling & hypnotherapy, AA meetings, group therapy and seeing my GP yielded no answers.  

In a moment of desperation, (and a little bit of inspiration from the Michael Jackson song, "The Man in the Mirror") I turned to my training that made me one of the healthcare industry's highest performers and top influencers. I was outstanding at changing how other people felt about things - what if I turned that thinking onto myself? 

Course materials were dusted off, books were purchased and a plan was formed over the course of 3 days. By the end of it something felt VERY different.
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I went back to see Louise my partner and said, "I'm done with it" - she was sceptical, as we had been here before.

As the weeks passed, and no desire to drink resurfaced, I started to get professionally curious. Was this a fluke? A personal one off?

I documented the process I had followed and structured a process around the word, FREEDOM - as that was what I felt - for the first time in nearly four decades.
FREEDOM stands for:








The seven lessons are (hence 'Sober in Seven' in case you were wondering ????) designed to be worked through in sequence - ideally one per day, to allow your subconscious mind to process the learning.

Getting Sober

The seven lessons form an emotional reset for your feelings with alcohol. You will see in the testimonials that some people describe it like 'magic' or that 'you have put a spell on me'. It's not magic, it's just we are deploying powerful influencing techniques to change your feelings, which is where the addiction lies. Addiction is not rational, it's emotional.

Staying Sober

As a lifelong student self-development, I had an enormous arsenal of tools and techniques that I could start to deploy, that I knew would keep me on track. These were all the things I had told myself I would do - if only I could sort my drinking out.

I turned all of this into the 100-day email follow up programme - a daily dose of motivation, inspiration, and tools & techniques that would allow people to ponder the question, 'What does my life look like without alcohol driving the agenda all the time?' My goal is to get you to the 100 of 100 days, having had a significant break from alcohol, feeling happier, healthier and able to make a decision where you do (or don't) want alcohol in your life from then on. 

Reigniting your happiness is key to this process for the long term. very few other approaches take this seriously and as one of the first course mentors for the Action for Happiness movement, I knew only too well, how people's lives transform when they start re-prioritising their own happiness.
Did you know alcohol actually prevents you feeling happiness? One of the modules in the course explains what is going on in your brain when you drink. Think pleasure and happiness are the same thing? Think again!
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