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Sober in Seven book - how to stop drinking in 7 simple steps

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Hundreds of people daily are using the revolutionary FREEDOM programme to change their lives for better, for good. You can too.  
Forget EVERYTHING you have heard about conventional approaches to changing negative habits - This programme can help you reset everything ... in just 7 simple steps.

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Regain your life in 7 simple steps
Does this sound too good to be true? 
It isn't.  

Book author and programme creator Andy Smith struggled with his drinking for decades. He tried all the conventional approaches - AA, Hypnotherapy, counselling, you name it.

As an internationally renowned businessman and award-winning selling & influencing coach, he decided to turn the skills he had learned so successfully on himself.

A successful career had been founded on a 'work hard, play hard' ethos and it was killing him.

From an overweight, unhealthy cripple, Andy transformed his life in every way and even rode the entire Tour de France course for disadvantaged children. (Some inspirational stories included in the book of his 3,500Km journey)

Then he built his learnings into a programme to help others who had reached out to hear his story.

The online programme has transformed hundreds of people's lives and now you can learn everything in this important new book.

Check out the testimonials below from people just like you who followed in Andy's footsteps!

Andy thought change was impossible for him for decades. The process he discovered unlocked his wellbeing and set him on a very different path.

What Do Others Say?
"I am really grateful... as it truly changed my life for the better" - Blake, UK
"My whole perspective has changed" - Jane, Australia
"You've eradicated my fear, guilt and self loathing" - Alison, UK
"A Year Ago Today, You Changed My life" - Lydia, UK
"I'm really starting to feel good" - David, UK
"Thank you Andy for this amazing and inspirational journey" - Jane, UK
"What I thought would be hard work was easy and pleasant" - Dave, UK
"I'm spreading the word about your amazing programme" - Lynne, UK
"Not one hangover!" - Carl, UK
"A Year Ago Today, You Changed My life" - Lynne, UK
"The freedom I feel is just incredible" - Alison, UK
"Now I see a very different future" - Harriet, UK
"The support and substance of your programme is way better" - James, UK
All testimonials reproduced with kind permission of the authors. Names changed to protect identity.
Andy Smith
From alcohol addicted cripple using a stick to walk, to Tour de France cyclist.
A sought-after speaker for radio and TV, Andy works with Forces Radio to provide  free support for servicemen and women with addiction issues.
About the Author, Andy Smith
Despite a successful career in the healthcare sector, in 2016, Andy's life and health were a mess. Fast forward to 2018, and he completed the Tour De France cycle route, raising thousands for a children's charity. 

How did he undergo such a radical transformation from heavy drinking, overweight, gout-ridden cripple, with high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar?

By following the Freedom Programme.

Andy found the right combination of ideas and actions to help him change his lifestyle, turn back the clock and ditch the anti-depressants. Having beaten his own demons and finally found answers that worked long-term, Andy was inspired to help others, as getting the support he needed had proved so difficult.

These days, Andy has swapped corporate life for a new role as an author & wellness coach, supporting others on their own change journeys, and staying fit and well on his bike, and teaching others as a certified indoor cycling instructor.

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