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Want to regain control of your drinking? Not sure if you want to cut down or give up altogether? Get inspired, work out your options, and take action! (Nobody ever regrets getting control of their drinking. Ever!)


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How long does it take to get sober?

How to drink less and transform your life

Why AA doesn't work. (Also why it does)

How to drink less - Key things you need to know

Should I cut down, or give up altogether?

How to stop drinking and still have fun!

Want to drink less? 5 myths you need to know...

How to drink less this festive season.

The #1 mistake we make when trying to quit alcohol.

How to help someone you love with a drink problem.

What do people say?

  • “I am doing great. I still have not touched a drop of alcohol since starting this programme and I feel amazing. I am now the designated driver and I actually enjoy it. I still go to the pub or out for a meal but I choose to drink other things.”
    Harriet, Canada
  • “I haven't had a drink since finishing the freedom program and I feel fantastic thanks to you and your wonderful program. I've been reading all your emails and go over my notes regularly and I can count on one hand the amount of times I have felt like a drink and amazingly it has passed very quickly.”
    Jane, UK
  • “Thank you so much Andy and I am really grateful that I stumbled across your website as it had truly changed my life for the better.”
    Andrew, UK
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How to stop drinking with us

Did you know that over 50,000 people in the UK alone seek help for their drinking from their GPs each year?

This shows that ‘problem drinking’ is deeply personal - if you are drinking more than you would like on a regular basis and don’t seem to be able to reduce it, then for you it’s a problem - whether it’s a glass or a bottle. I’ve worked with thousands of people (mums, boyfriends, CEOs, students, grandfathers, successful execs and small business owners) and even though what they do, what they drink and how much they drink might differ, they all found the way to change their behaviours by looking at their drinking differently. If, like them, you are looking for ways to drink less, there are some important factors to keep in mind.
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Am I an alcoholic?

There are a great many ‘labels’ on this journey and while some can help give context, some are singularly unhelpful.

What is an ‘alcoholic’?
If you ask 10 people, you will probably get 10 different answers as there isn’t an agreed definition.

I get asked my many people if they have a problem, and my answer is always the same - ‘If you think you have a problem, it’s a problem. If you don’t think you have a problem, you might want to check with your loved ones’.

Problem drinking takes many shapes and forms - we are all different, as are our goals in terms of getting it under control. This is why the Freedom programme is a coaching programme - it allows each individual to find their own answers, depending on their circumstances. We are all on the same journey, but there are many paths.
Not sure is you should cut down or give up alcohol completely and need some advice?
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